Monday, May 17, 2010

Update of the Feta-Stuffed Celery

Made the Feta-Stuffed Celery today as per the recipe for my kids. My youngest did not want anything to do with them but the other two loved the flavors and ate a few stalks each. My wife decided that they were decent and filling, but not her favorite thing ever. Then again, she isn't all that much of a fan of feta when  it is not in a salad.

Anyways, pictures are now up on the original post since my wife was kind enough to showcase us with her l33t photography skills.

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Chef Runner said...

What about substituting a homemade labneh or yogurt cheese for feta? I also dislike feta, even on a salad -- it's too salty. Chevre might also work, and I think goat's milk has a better fat profile anyway.

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