Saturday, August 28, 2010

Paleo/Primal Bacon Peach Recipes

With the summer bounty of peaches nearly over with, as well as it being National Peach Month, I've thought about some peach-related recipes that are delicious and can be eaten by Paleos and Primals with ease.

First up: a Peach Salad w/ Bacon, Walnuts, and Gorgonzola

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thoughts on renewing my wedding vows

My wife wants to do a big, elaborate thing for out 10th anniversary, i.e. she wants to renew our vows. I’m cool with this. I mean, we didn’t have a great big wedding to begin with… actually, we didn’t even have a small wedding. It was my wife and I, standing in a roadside gazebo (which was overlooking a very awesome little town by the name of Eureka Springs). We loved it, at least until my wife’s aunt got married with a large, comparatively, ceremony which got my wife a bit jealous. I have a sneaking suspicion she really wants to outdo that, which wouldn’t be very hard, not by just a little but by a lot. And not to be all “Look at us, we did it even bigger and better!”, but just because it is a thing that name girls dream about as theygrow up and my wife has become much more “girly”, in a feminine sense, over the past few years.Case in point, her favorite color is now pink. And not just any pink, but a darker hot pink. She even asked me to buy her high-heel shoes the other day, though they were still the mary jane style, but still! This is not the woman that I fell in love with and married, she has changed from being tomboyish and uncaring, to being girly and wanting to look pretty (dont get me wrong, I am NOT complaining!).

While in her mind, pretty flowers, everyone all dressed nice, and being outside on a beautiful piece of land is her idea of an awesome ceremony, I’m thinking a bit differently. See, I would love to do a theme ceremony: preferably superhero, supervillian, steampunk, or a mixed theme of pure, unadulterated awesome-ness! Further proving my point on how awesome she is, she would love it too! Although, her fears of how our respective families might think of such an idea cause her to say it would be cool in theory, but in application it is more of an “why dont you help me pick out some nice floral arrangements and lace” sort of thing.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Paleo Ice Cream, Lactose-Free

So I've tried the banana ice cream method and it rather failed for me, and I am rather non-picky when it comes to cold treats.

My wife then tried to make ice cream in our old-style ice cream maker with coconut milk for me, since I am lactose intolerant. Didn't work. In fact, the coconut milk caused it to freeze up around the sides way too fast, forcing us to try to make it set up in the freezer. Turned out to be more like ice, without the cream. I ate it, because I wasn't going to waste it, but I wouldn't ask my wife to make it again. Also, no one else would even touch the stuff.

I've tried the ice cream from the stores that are lactose-free, but it seems my body cannot be fooled, so there goes that option (as does using the lactose-free pills).

Strangely, while just a nibble of lactose will send me to hell for the next few hours, I can eat butter from the stick all day long, safely. Well, beyond the fact that the taste would cause me to upchuck rather early on.

Luckily, I hit upon the following recipe that I tried and even my wife thought was the same consistency and flavor as ice cream, just not quite sweet enough for her while I thought it was perfect.

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