Monday, August 9, 2010

Paleo Ice Cream, Lactose-Free

So I've tried the banana ice cream method and it rather failed for me, and I am rather non-picky when it comes to cold treats.

My wife then tried to make ice cream in our old-style ice cream maker with coconut milk for me, since I am lactose intolerant. Didn't work. In fact, the coconut milk caused it to freeze up around the sides way too fast, forcing us to try to make it set up in the freezer. Turned out to be more like ice, without the cream. I ate it, because I wasn't going to waste it, but I wouldn't ask my wife to make it again. Also, no one else would even touch the stuff.

I've tried the ice cream from the stores that are lactose-free, but it seems my body cannot be fooled, so there goes that option (as does using the lactose-free pills).

Strangely, while just a nibble of lactose will send me to hell for the next few hours, I can eat butter from the stick all day long, safely. Well, beyond the fact that the taste would cause me to upchuck rather early on.

Luckily, I hit upon the following recipe that I tried and even my wife thought was the same consistency and flavor as ice cream, just not quite sweet enough for her while I thought it was perfect.

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