Friday, April 23, 2010

Tired of Meat?

It may be Primal blasphemy, but i get tired of meat quite easily.  Before going Primal, it wasn't uncommon for my family to eat an average of only 3 standard servings of meat per week.  That's quite a difference from what we're doing now, and i'm still getting used to the change.  One thing that helps: produce, of course.  I might go a little overboard on the carbs for a person that's trying to lose as much weight as i am, but it keeps me sane and away from nonsense items like crackers (which, for some reason, is what i've been craving lately).  And today?  My night-working caveman 'gathered' some fruits and veggies on the way home from work, so today i had plenty of the things i've been wanting.

Today's lunch was Fruit Salad (red and green grapes, strawberries, apples, and oranges), bacon-wrapped pork loin, fresh broccoli, and mushrooms and green onions sauteed in butter and a splash of oyster sauce and soy sauce.

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