Monday, May 17, 2010

Wild Strawberries

One of the benefits to living in the woods is that every once in awhile, we get the opportunity for some authentic hunter-gatherer action!

This is a strawberry.  It is very tiny.  How tiny is it?

This tiny.  Here, it is pictured beside a farm-grown strawberry, purchased from a conventional supermarket.

Here's a closer look at the differences.

I think they're quite lovely, the way nature intended.  Though they get munched down by exploring children far too fast to do anything with!  But that's alright with me.

Next month we should have wild black raspberries.

Verdilak's take on their flavor:

Flavor of the Wild Strawberry: Not sweet at all, but gloriously tart. Not sour enough to make your tongue curl even a slight bit, but a great tarty flavor. If they could get this flavor in the domestic ones, I would become extremely happy.

Flavor of the Domestic Strawberry: Sweeter than the wild strawberry, but when tried one after the other, it is very evident that the Domestic is more filling due to its size but has very little flavor other than the sweetness. The Wild variety is bursting with flavor.

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