Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yesterday was a Day of Fun and Cheats

We determined that two movies we all wanted to see, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief and Avatar, were playing at a nearby cinema for only $1 a ticket. Since for us, "nearby cinema" actually means an hour away, we decided to make a day of it and this would mean we would need to eat out at least once. Lonestar is our restaurant of choice due to the fact that Tuesdays kids eat free, we have three of them, and their menu is rather Paleo (Me) and Primal (Wife) friendly. However, the kids and my wife were all begging for Chinese and since the Chinese restaurant has a Mongolian BBQ setup, meaning I pick my meats and veggies and they cook what I want, I agreed.

Their Mongolian BBQ was either broken or out of order, but there were a few things out on the buffet that I felt I could eat like egg foo young and some grilled chicken with a very light amount of sauce. Couldn't even have a salad since they only had ranch, italian, and french dressings, no red wine vinegar. Anyways, I had a rather tasteless lunch while my wife and kids were equally unimpressed. My kids, who were tired of Lonestar just an hour earlier said that they would have rather eaten at Lonestar than Chinese. Seems that the idea of Chinese food sounded good but when presented with reality, it was not what they envisioned. So, no more Chinese we all agreed.

The movies were great. My wife and I had seen Avatar before, but this was the first time for the kids and they were rather glued to the screen (except for my youngest near the end, but thats justifiable). We all loved Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, my wife commenting that if White Wolf had made the Scion game line anything like that, she would have been hooked. She also mused about how easily it would be to run the movie with Tri-Stat dx. I think that my Teen Superhero game in the same vein as Teen Titans has really gotten her to like the Tri-Stat dx system, which I am grateful for.

Once we were done with the movies, it was 7pm and while I was not hungry, my wife and kids were so we went to Lonestar. I know, eating out twice in one day? Yeah, I'm crazy but I love my family and we don't normally eat out once or twice a month. Also, since our car does not have AC, this will be the last time we go out to eat for the rest of the summer more than likely.

Lonestar was good as usual, though I received a rotten sweet potato as a side, making me feel ill.

The best part of the day in regards to food? My kids told me that my grilled chicken and other meats were MUCH better than even what they eat at Lonestar. Though they still want to go out to eat, mind you. Oh well, it's the idea that counts.

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