Monday, April 12, 2010

Nuggets of Wisdom on my Paleo Lifestyle

Here are just some of the things I said as I was talking to my friends about eating Paleo/Primal and living that type of lifestyle. It struck a chord in me as to how much I have changed in the past three months so I thought I would share.

"What to eat: Meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables, salad, fruit (but not too much), nuts, seeds.
What not to eat:  Bread, rice, pasta, potato, cereal, wheat, dairy, beans, any processed food, sugar.
The Fat Question: Fat is healthy – even saturated fat. The one type of fat to avoid is vegetable fat. This means margarine, vegetable cooking oils and processed foods that contain vegetable oil. In addition, whilst eating the fat from free-range animals is healthy, eating animal fats from industrially farmed animals is not as healthy. Avoid the latter if you can."

"My hunger has gotten to where I rarely get hungry more than once a day actually... must be all that stomach fat keeping my body working, lol."

"I just cook meat, I am on 20 grams of carbs or less, and eat the the small amount of veggies raw... often I eat zero carbs per day, lol. The kids say they love that they get meat every meal, that they would rather have meat than rice or pasta or anything else."

"I wasnt a veggie fan, but after no sugar, veggies started to taste good. Romain lettuce can sometimes be sweeter than a rather unsweet grape."

"Kettleballs are you friend, especially the 25lb variety."

"I remember I screwed up my back before going over to Paleo, and within days the pain that I had for 3 weeks disappeared. I work out now until I am sore and 5 minutes later I am ready to go again. My energy is crazy, through the roof."

"I'm telling ya, I've lost 8 inches off my waist in 3 months and my strength is superb."

"15 minutes in exercise is all you need, but I have so much energy, i am worried ab out over training. Shit, I couldnt do 100lbs lifts 3 months ago, now I do tabata lifts with 150, 160, 170 lbs (150lbs as fast as I can in 20 seconds, rest for 10, do it again, then 160 for 20, rest for 10, do it again, 170 for 20, rest for 10, do it again)."

"I no longer walk up stairs, I sprint up them, for fun, three at a time, like I used to in high school before I got fat."

"I was spending at least an hour a day in the bathroom due to digestion problems for the past 6-8 years. Not anymore."

"Dont worry, your arteries will not clot. The fat in bacon is the same fat in our bodies. How can out arties clot with bacon fat if they dont with our own fat? Pork lard is 39% saturated fat. Human lard is 38.5% saturated fat. Why dont people die from clogged arteries when they exercise? And a lack of saturated fat in your diet will lower your testosterone. Eat fat, it's what's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!"

"I've found that if you have problems with snacking, its usually due to eating nuts or eating something with sugar, like fruits, after eating protein. So, if I want something sweet, I eat some berries before I eat dinner because the berries make me hungrier and the meat fills me up."

"If you dont cut out milk (you dont have to, but it's recommended if you have intestinal problems) drink the full fat milk."

"I found out that part of my intestinal problems were due to a milk allergy. I can eat solid dairy if I eat it with protein, but no liquid dairy."

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