Monday, April 5, 2010

Today's Gaming (Tri-Stat, Buffy, Fallout 3, DnD 3.5)

In which I talk about gaming!

Tri-Stat dx Teen Supers game

The Atomic Brain!

This was our 12th session in this game so far, and it is not losing any steam, which I am pretty happy about. Right now there are 3 player characters and 2 NPC's that are the main characters, with another PC that is currently being made. We have Lola who is a teen goth with powers of darkness and fear (turns into a swarm of spiders that shoot webbing, shoots blasts that drain the Soul stat), but yet, is conflicted (can heal 100 people at once); Brainwave had been experimented upon before joining the group, which cost him his voice but awarded him mental powers (telepathy, telekinesis), and is starting to get really friendly with Lola; Vanish has a habit being the punching bag for any and all baddies even though her powers would make you think otherwise (teleport, forcefields) and has a deep, dark secret: Her mother is championing and spearheading new legislation to force all those with super power to be jailed, or worse; Emo Boy is an NPC who is able to control people's minds... sometimes; and last but not least, Slipstream is an NPC as well and is who brought all these kids together before they fell into lives of crime, mainly to feel like he is still doing his part to save the world (used to be a world-class speedster, but now he has no powers left).

The group is just now getting over the self-sacrificing death of brand new teammate Mimic who single-handedly saved the city of Portland from the radiation, fallout, and damage from an atomic bomb. Of course, the atomic bomb was inside the suit of the Atomic Brain and was only activated after Lola drained his will to live. But we won't talk about that. Ended on a good note: The mayor wants to give them a holiday for saving the city, and they learned that stopping small time crime can be just as fun as stopping supered villains.

This is a Play-by-Post that I am running and today we held a chat session to complete a pretty extensive combat scene that was fubared yesterday when a plot point was mishandled by yours truly. Regardless, the team saved the town, ended the pirates curse, did NOT get married as planned (only two chars), and one of them made a date with one of the said pirates that no longer looks like a Half-Man/Half-Great White Shark. Go her! Character wise, we have a werewolf (Trent) who is about to marry a cop (Allison) who has a little brother (Eric) that treats the slayer (Loretta) like a sister, that has a tragic love thing with a construct (Peter). There were other character, but they fell through the cracks.

Fallout 3
Yes, I am behind the times. I only got this game last week and I have not gone very far (my son commandeers the 360 more often that I get to). However, I have learned a valuable lesson: Do not steal from anyone in Megaton city, otherwise they WILL kill you, you can not hide from this.

DnD 3.5: Drow Campaign
This game is a play-by-post that I do not run, but play a Drow slave (ranger/rogue/assassin) that is owned by another player's character, who is a Drow Priestess. We have an atypical relationship, in that my character (male) is dominant over the Priestess, but we pretend to be the other way around while in public. It's an interesting dynamic, though it does mean that my character rarely talks unless we are the only ones in the room. But, i think the stoic-type suits the dynamics rather well.

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