Thursday, April 15, 2010

Meat is Transcendent

My wife wanted meat today. Badly. How bad? She actually went to the store and purchased chicken and beef, which is always relegated to a job that is for me only since I know what to buy. Regardless of my wife's lack of understanding of meat, she picked up the right stuff and I commenced to grilling.

First up was the carrots, of which we had more than 5lbs of and we ate through 2lbs at least.

Paleo Carrots

Cut as many carrots as you want lengthwise
Put them into a bowl
Add olive oil, red wine vinegar, Hickory smoke juice, cinnamon, and spices
Mix, let sit for an hour, and grill on the top rack of you grill which has been covered in aluminum foil.

Then there was the free-range chicken legs.

Paleo Grilled Chicken Legs

Get chicken legs
Coat in favorite spices
Grill till done (remember that legs are dark meat and when done, will look pink and/or red, not white)

And the piece-de-resistance... the burgers

Boston Burger (60% ground beef & 40% pork, your butcher can mix this up for you if you ask)
1 egg per pound of Boston Burger
Spices, very healthy amount (same ones you used on the carrots and the chicken legs)

Mix the meat, eggs, and spices together. Shape into patties, then grill.

One half of the grill was burgers while the other was chicken, and with those two grilling, the carrots were smoked til they were delicious.

My wife, the one who hungered for meat all day today, told me ""Something more delicious is not possible. My taste buds are not advanced enough to notice anything better. Oh my god, this is heavenly!" and told others "My husband does god-like things with meat and fire."

Looks like a win!

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