Saturday, April 17, 2010

Chili's Restaurant is NOT Primal

With the kids at their grandparents for the night, my wife and I decided to go out for dinner and watch the movie "Kick Ass". Now, I have to mention how sexy my wife was looking tonight. Its not often that she dresses up for me, but she really went all out for me. I had a hard time keeping my hands off of her, which she really enjoyed. Anyways, we stopped at the book store and picked up a few titles that looked great, when we began to get hungry. Our kids have been wanting to try Chili's for the longest time and this seemed like the perfect moment to go and see how the food compared with other restaurants especially since we were without the kids. 

The menu items seemed to be rather Primal, with my wife ordering the chicken fajitas while I ordered a combo platter with grilled salmon and grilled shrimp. The service was decent but the wait was almost an hour, giving us a 50% discount but also forcing us to miss our chance at the movie. My meal came with steamed broccoli that was  rather dry, causing me to ask for butter which turned out to be fake butter after I drizzled it over them. The fajitas my wife ordered were decent, but not good enough to warrant coming back. My shrimp and salmon were very good.

However, as I was finishing my meal, my body rebelled. Normally when I consume vegetable oils and sugars I get a headache, so I am unsure of what tried to kill me tonight, but I became painfully bloated with sharp, stabbing pains throughout my stomach area. I held back from puking, but my body really wanted me to. So, because of the pain, we did not try for a later showing of the movie and ended our date early because of how badly I was, and am still, feeling.

It comes to a shock, as I have heard that Chili's gets good meats from good sources, but their attempt to be "healthy" has caused them to saturate their food with unhealthy vegetable oils. My wife even commented on how her fajitas tasted strongly of vegetable oil.

So, while it was cheap due to the long wait, I would have rather spent 4 times the amount on good food that would have been healthy, instead of the pseudo-healthy food that Chili's serves.

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