Saturday, April 10, 2010

Researchers shed light on ancient Assyrian tablets

I have a HUGE interest in History, Anthropology, and Archaeology, so expect for me to blog about interesting finds such as this. New Cuneiform tablets have been found that contact a largely intact treaty Assyrian treaty dating to the 7th century BC. I personally love it when new tablets are found mainly due to how much light they shed on history.

Researchers shed light on ancient Assyrian tablets:
"Researchers Shed Light on Ancient Assyrian Tablets
ScienceDaily (Apr. 10, 2010) — A cache of cuneiform tablets unearthed by a team led by a University of Toronto archaeologist has been found to contain a largely intact Assyrian treaty from the early 7th century BCE.

'The tablet is quite spectacular. It records a treaty -- or covenant -- between Esarhaddon, King of the Assyrian Empire and a secondary ruler who acknowledged Assyrian power. The treaty was confirmed in 672 BCE at elaborate ceremonies held in the Assyrian royal city of Nimrud (ancient Kalhu). In the text, the ruler vows to recognize the authority of Esarhaddon's successor, his son Ashurbanipal,' said Timothy Harrison, professor of near eastern archaeology in the Department of Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations and director of U of T's Tayinat Archaeological Project (TAP)."

If you are interested about this sort of thing as I am, there is a fair bit about the correspondence found in the Al-Amarna cache in History of the Ancient Near East. Marriages, recognition of other states as equals, extradition agreements. It is very cool and makes me sad that I am changing my degree from a BA/Masters in History/Anthropology to an AAS in Web Design.

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