Thursday, April 22, 2010

Primal Bento

Bento is one hobby that i have all but given up due to our recent lifestyle change to Paleo/Primal eating.  It's not that i can't simply leave out the traditional rice dishes (and all the fun onigiri molds and toys i have collected to go along with them!), because i can, but more the general apathy that I often fall to in regards to food due to all the diet changes--i'll be honest, i resist change of any kind.  It makes me grouchy.  So, in a grand gesture of goodwill, i offer you the Primal Bento:

Wherein lies: summer sausage (read labels carefully to avoid additives), leftover grilled chicken, cheddar (this is what makes it non-Paleo), broccoli, cherry tomatoes, canned apricots (again, read labels carefully and avoid corn syrup), and raw almonds.

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Schatze said...

That looks so good! I also used to make bento lunches regularly and have been thinking about trying a paleo/primal version soon.

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