Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The other side of Vegetarianism

This is a hilarious take at vegetarianism, but notice I said take.

Those who are vegetarian except to not be served meat or meat by-products in any form when they come over to someone's home, as though that home is to be kid-proofed so that they will not get distressed by anything that they see there. This means leather objects must not be visible, unless an argument is desired.

But what of vegetarians when their meat-eating friends come over to their home? There is no expectation that the vegetarians will serve up meals with meat in them for their house-guests and why is that? Regardless of personal opinions on the matter, it is only polite to serve your house-guests what they prefer to eat. After all, those that consume meat are polite enough and value their vegetarian friends enough to serve them what their house-guests prefer, why is this favor not shown when it is the other way around?

And, enough of my thoughts on the matter for now, now is the time for some laughs.

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