Saturday, April 24, 2010

Are Ham and Genoa Salami Paleo?

I asked the following on the forums at Marks Daily Apple and did not get many responses, none that could confirm one way or the other, so I am bringing it here to see if anyone out there in blogland has a clue.

Is ham and bacon okay to eat?

The only bacon I buy and eat is the uncured kind.

The only ham I buy and eat is the kind that comes with the bone, has no sugars, with only 2% of the salt and nitrates crap.

I dont eat it all the time, but a few chunks/slices every couple of days with some romaine lettuce leaves as a make-shift wrap/sandwich... is that paleo or am I just kidding myself?

Also, salami. I love Genoa salami.

Typically, Genoa salami is a pork salami, although some producers mix in beef and veal as well. In addition to the loosely chopped pork, Genoa salami also includes garlic, salt, fennel seeds, whole peppercorns, and a small amount of white wine. The peppercorns create explosions of spice in the finished product, making Genoa salami a rather zesty food to eat. By tradition, white peppercorns are usually used in Genoa salami.

This says to me that Genoa salami that one gets from a deli or meat market should be rather primal. But I know they prolly add the nitrates and extra salt to it. So, again with the ham, am I just kidding myself or not?

And if I AM kidding myself, will this ruin me? I mean, if I am LC and 100% paleo/primal friendly food in order to lose weight, will eating ham, salami, bacon once every couple of days stop the weight loss?

Now, I know what I personally think about this subject, but I am curious to see what other people feel.

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Todd said...

No one commented when you asked about bacon over at MDA??!?!!?

EVERYONE at MDA LOVES bacon to death! I am not sure about ham but I am sure it is primal! Bacon is without question primal food :)

Verdilak said...

Yeah, it was crazy that no one responded. *shrugs* Forums and forum-goers can be finicky at times.

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